3 Ways to gain muscle in women

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Photo of a muscular woman [Source/www.pinterest.com]

When it comes to the building of tissues, women happen to have more difficulties compared to men. 

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Hence, for women to achieve their target of building muscle, they need to focus on their workout routine and their diet. 

The various changes, such as menopause and pregnancies, are what makes women body different from that of men.

 Nevertheless, for women who want to build their muscles, here are ways on how to do it.

1. Consider exercising in the pool

Swimming is not only the best way of having fun but is also considered as an exercise.

 When you engage in swimming, you will be building your upper body phase and cardio. 

There are other exercises that one can do while in the swimming pool, activities such as; core workouts and ball training.

2. Diversify your exercise

To participate in a total body workout, you’ll need to engage in different workouts. 

After that, you’ll need to rest your muscle for about 48 hours for them to become stronger.

3. Train with heavy weights in the gym

If you believe in yourself, then you can also try exercising using heavy loads. 

Don’t be afraid that you might get bulky, as it is easier building your muscles using the heavyweights.

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