3 women arrested with fake number plates & master-keys after violent robbery

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Detectives in Kilimani following a violent robbery in Kitengela managed to arrest six notorious criminals.

They were nabbed with two Motor vehicles-Toyota Prado and Nissan Navara, Master keys, Fake Number Plates, Masking Tapes and safe which have been confiscated by the officers.

The suspects in lawful Custody.

The six suspects also have pending cases in court in connection to several offences of Burglary, House breaking and Stealing in Kilimani Further investigations are ongoing before they are arraigned & charged in court.

The six suspects are Stephen Ngiru Kuria, Wilson Mutua Kitheka, Vincent Odhiambo, Elizabeth Akinyi Abuto, Lavender Akinyi Ogilo and Quinter Adhiambo Ongi’no.

Two of the suspects;Elizabeth and Lavender had Warrants of arrest for absconding Court and Jumping bail respectively.

This closely follows the arrest of one of the most wanted criminals Kelson Lienga alias Kevin Lienga in Kawangware.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the suspect who was arrested on Wednesday is connected to a series of crimes in western including robbery with violence and defilement. In February the suspect was connected to a series of violent robberies and organised crimes including one in which a 14-Year-old girl was defiled.

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