Canadian Woman Ran 10 Km Looking For Help After Getting Stabbed While Hiking On A Popular Trail

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This is terrifying.

This is is one horrifying story. According to police, a Nova Scotia woman was stabbed while hiking on a well-known American trail. During the attack, an American man also died as a result of his stab wounds. Police have since arrested and charged one individual who was found very close to the crime scene. 

According to CBC, a Nova Scotia woman was injured and an American man was killed by an attacker who was wielding a knife on a Virginia hiking trail on May 10, 2019.

Court documents have shown that 30-year-old James L. Jordan of West Yarmouth, Mass. was “acting disturbed and unstable, and was laying his guitar and singing” on the Appalachian Trail, which is a well-known long distance hike. While there, he approached four hikers on the trail and later followed them back to their campsite where he threatened them.

According to court documents obtained by CBC, Jordan threatened to pour gas on their tents and burn them to death. The hikers packed up and tried to leave the campsite but that was when Jordan approached them and began arguing. 

Two of the hikers allegedly ran into the woods with Jordan chasing after them. The suspect then returned to the campsite and began arguing with the 43-year-old American man and a Canadian woman. 

This is when Jordan stabbed the man to death while the woman watched. The court documents claim that when he fell to the ground, the woman ran. 

Eventually, Jordan caught up to her and began stabbing her. The woman’s instincts kicked in and she began to lay down and play dead until the attacker left, Kelowna Now reports. 

Once he left, she forced herself to run 10 km while injured before finding anyone to help.

Local police were called by the woman saying she had just been stabbed. Police then found Jordan about 90 meters from where he killed the man. The man’s body was found on scene.

Jordan has since been charged with murder and assault with the intent to murder in connection with last weeks incident. The FBI has now taken over the case.

The name of the woman has not been released to the public at this time. 

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