Coca-Cola brings back ‘New Coke’ for ‘Stranger Things’

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(WFLA/CNN Newsource) – Coca-Cola is reviving a 1980s flop in honor of a Netflix favorite.

The company announced the return of “New Coke” Tuesday.

It’s part of a promotion for the upcoming season of Netflix’s “Stranger Things.”

The show’s third season will take place during the summer of 1985.

That’s the same year Coke debuted its new recipe for its signature soda.

Back then, sales for “New Coke” were so bad it was pulled from shelves after a few months.

Coca-Cola says less than 500,000 cans will go out.

You can buy one this summer from “Stranger Things” themed vending machines.

You can also receive a “New Coke” if you buy “Stranger Things” themed Coke products online starting Thursday, or by visiting The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. 

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