Diseases cured by neem leaves

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Neem leaves. [Source/m.indiamart.com]

Neem leaves were traditionally used to combat various ailments due to its various antioxidants and secondary metabolites. The herb also known as ‘Mwarubaini’ in Swahili has the capacity to cure at least 40 diseases.

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 1. Malaria

Malaria caused by Plasmodium parasite can be cured in various ways. Drinking the neem leaves counteracts the parasites before causing more harm in the blood cells. 

You can always use the herb when you have fallen victim to the disease. However, if the disease persists, seek medication as soon as possible.

In fact, it will be a great idea if you drink the extract as it can help in flushing out toxins that trigger the development of tumours. In one of the studies, the extract bars and destroys cancerous cells. The report indicates that the juice fights off and assuage cancer. 

3. Diabetes

Its juice promotes the development of pancreatic cells hence touting the growth of insulin hormones. The hormones regulate blood-sugar level. You can keep the malady with this herb. 

4. Tooth decays and cavities. 

The extract quells the bacteria and may lessen the pain. You can use the twigs to floss your teeth. The twigs bar dental-related complications like bleeding gums and plaques. The extract may also help in purging bad breath.

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