Gas station clerk assaulted, family asking for information

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(Surveillance image)

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Several people were caught on camera assaulting a gas station clerk in southeast Portland.

Family said that attack happened on Monday night at the Chevron at Southeast 148th Avenue and Southeast Stark Street.

Toni Delgado said her son 22-year-old Ryan Delgado was working at the Chevron Monday night when he was attacked by several people.

“It just breaks my heart as a mom because it’s not fair to have all those people ganging up on your son,” Delgado said.

She said when she got the call she rushed over to the gas station.

“I walked into to just seeing blood everywhere, all over the different counters, a door smashed and then blood dripping down the side of my son’s face,” Delgado said.

She said this all started when someone stole ice cream from the gas station the day before.

The next day she said that person came back, Delgado confronted them and asked them if they’d pay for it.

“And then this happened and hour later where they all came back to the store and actually at that point pushed their way into the store and started attacking him,” Delgado said.

Surveillance footage provided to FOX 12 showed Delgado trying to defend himself in the scuffle.

“This is where initially starts so this individual jumps up over the counter and starts pushing him and you can see he backs up and then gets that initial kick to his face,” Delgado said showing FOX 12 the surveillance footage.

You can see in the video what appears to be one person stealing from behind the counter as others continue to attack Delgado.

His mother said her son managed to grab pepper spray that the group had and tried to get them out of the store.

But then they came back.

“Ryan’s defending himself here but they all come in there and they just start attacking him,” Delgado said watching the surveillance footage. “His hand’s on his throat, they’re going through his pockets, they take his phone, that person’s punching him. And the whole time he’s just trying to get away. And now this girl’s going to take something off the counter and start hitting Ryan with it as well.”

His mother said that attack resulted in a concussion, bite marks and bruises as well as lacerations on his head which required staples.

She can’t understand why anyone would do this to her son, a proud father of a 1-year-old.

“I just want them to be held accountable for their actions,” she said. “Nobody should ever have to go through what Ryan went through.”

The family is going to be putting up flyers in the area asking for any information.

They said they’ve filed a police report.

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