I Replaced My Expensive Under-Eye Concealers With Drugstore Dupes

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Aside from the annoying cycle of breakouts I experience whenever my skin decides to be on extra-bad behavior (or, ahem, when I’m on my period), dark circles are my number one nemesis and complexion-related concern. I’m not sure if it’s genetics, prioritizing Netflix or late-night writing over beauty sleep, or a practically inhuman level of coffee consumption, but I can always count on shadowy under-eyes that would make a blood-starved Edward Cullen look comparatively bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Annoying, yes, but c’est la vie. We all have that one trivial beauty drama that irks the eff out of us, right?

My main point here, however, is that as a beauty fiend and editor, it’s become my ultimate objective to find all the best antidotes to better the situation, namely via a stockpile of under-eye concealers, eye creams, eye masks, etc., that would make the backroom of Sephora look depleted. (I’m a product hoarder. What can I say?) After years of trial and error, I’ve found quite a few magical skincare and makeup formulas that have made a difference. From eye creams that instantly help hydrate and diffuse stubborn shadows to the best under-eye concealers that instantly camouflage the worst of sleepless nights, I consider myself an unofficial under-eye whisperer. I’ve already talked quite a bit about my favorite eye creams and face brighteners, so today I’m focusing on the best under-eye concealers I personally swear by (both drugstore and spendy!) in addition to revealing the other top formulas reviewers and beauty editors rave about. Here, I’m sharing all my bright-eyed secrets. Keep scrolling!


There aren’t too many makeup products I’d deem life-changing, but this miraculous concealer from Charlotte Tilbury might be one of them. I was turned onto it by my former boss at Byrdie, Faith Xue (Hi, Faith!), and my under-eyes haven’t been the same since. Despite how luminous and featherlight the consistency of this formula is, it offers a surprising amount of coverage, and I find I need way less concealer than I do with some of my other picks (which saves me both time and product). It’s my current favorite, and I always—I repeat, always—receive compliments on my makeup when I wear it. The name doesn’t lie, folks! 

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