Kenyans narrate challenges of being raised by single parents

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Kenyans have today opened up about how being raised by single parents  affected their lives.

There is always two sides of a coin; the good and the ugly, Single parenting is manageable but it can be equally frustrating.

For many reasons, some people might find themselves on the path of raising a child as a single mother or father.

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Sometimes out of choice and in other instances, when parents separate and a partner cuts him/herself from the responsibilities of raising a child.

I am no expert but using an opinion of an influential lady who has  raised 5 children as a single mother can count.

Akothee once said that raising children in a broken family might be the most difficult thing to do. It is also not easy to be a child in such a scenario.

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Some can agree that they have gone through so many challenges by being raised by a single parent.

It might seem like a trend for some people to use single parenting to make it seem as if they are the disadvantaged group. However some would definitely feel disadvantaged considering the hardships they had to go through is such a family setting.

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Bad!.so bad. I grew without my dad, you can imagine a family of 5 kids with only a jobless mum around to give http://support.As  1st born i had to very fast to to play my dad’s roles for the other 4 kids.This has really affected me,My dreams were shuttered just to help mum

We’re 5 and dad left us in 2004 to be with the Lord. We’ve slept empty stomach and going to school without breakfast. Life wasn’t easy for my mom, raising 5kids and we’re schooling. God , my mom has sacrificed alot. I owe that woman alot, May God bless $ fulfil my dreams

I was raised by a single mum,my dad has another family somewhere i know,my mum has given me everything in life love,education,shelter and everything and to be honest i don’t miss my dad at all i salute my mum

Both parents play different role in mentoring a child Betty and they should bring up a child in a balanced environment unless there is a case of a deceased parent. But it is very had to bring up the social and moral aspect of a child especially of an opposite gender to the parent

Yeah,being raised by mom,i dont know what dad’s love mean,always feeling a gap……

It has not affected me in any way but rather motivated me to be present to my children 100%, if anyone didn’t get the best of what life was to offer back then, let them work to provide it to their future families. No limits, No excuses, No fear.

Worst experience ever on earth.

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