Kenyans reactions after Timeless Noel Steps out looking like Jason Derulo

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Kenyans  have expressed their excitement after hypeman and media personality Timeless Noel  stepped out looking like American Singer Jason Derulo.

Noel shared a photo on his Instagram page convinced that he is Jason Derulo’s look alike after he edited one of his photo.

As we all know, Jason Derulo is one of the American musicians who is undeniably every ladies crush.

If you ask the ladies,they will all agree that Jason Derulo  matches the qualities of the ideal man, Tall, dark and handsome with the beard as a bonus.

Jason Derulo once came to Kenya and team mafisiletts could not hold back the fact that they were head over heels for him.

Noel seemingly decided to ride on this wave and pretending to be part of the  ‘beard gang’.However the fact that he is a gospel hypeman he was probably doing this for the humour which ended up creating traction.

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According to some of his fans, they agree that there could be a striking resemblance between him and Derulo although some are not convinced.

Do you think Timeless Noel  look like Jason Derulo?

Have a look at the reactions.

😂😂😂Hamfanani but dreams are valid

Mdomo badoo😅

Buda wee cheza tu ka wewe n ukae na sura yako😂😂😂

Image result for haha fake beard meme

Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from looking alike

Umeanza katabia kapozze be ur self broo

Jason De-pull oooppp 🤣

Kumbe pia wewe Snapchat imekubrain wash

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