Nairobi River Clean-Up Exercise Unearths String of City Abortions

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A drive to rehabilitate the filthy Nairobi river has unearthed a string of city abortions whose end-products are dumped at the river.

The team tasked with the Ng’arisha Jiji initiative has been discovering bodies upon bodies of foetuses suspected to have been killed during abortions.

Saturday, bodies of twin babies were recovered in the River, just days after six other foetuses had been recovered near Korogocho area.

Before that, the youth involved in the clean-up exercise discovered several murdered bodies in the river.

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“Today morning, as my team was preparing to start cleaning part of the Nairobi River in Korogocho, we found two bodies of kids wrapped in a polythene bag. We believe the two children must be twins,” said to Fredrick Okinda, the chairperson of the Komb-Green Solutions in Korogocho.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko said he suspects the bodies of the twins are the result of an abortion.

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“My government will continue closing down all hospitals doing abortion and throwing innocent babies to Nairobi River like my team is witnessing. We are also shutting down factories, apartments, institutions, which discharge effluent into Nairobi river,” said Mr Sonko.

The ‘Ngarisha Jiji Initiative‘ entails unblocking sewer lines, clearing garbage and landscaping.

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