Tips on how to evade winter colds and stay healthy

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Health tips and home remedies to help make it this winter.

YOU know it’s winter when your throat becomes inflamed causing a runny nose, coughing, sneezing and a sore throat.

By now shorts and T-shirts are neatly packed in your wardrobe waiting for spring. This winter calls for warm blankets and a delicious cup of soup. It’s wintertime and during this season you are certain to catch cold. We share a few home remedies to help ease the symptoms of your cold this winter.

How does the common cold spread?

According to MedicineNet, the common cold is spread either by direct contact with infected secretions from contaminated surfaces or by inhaling the airborne virus after individuals sneeze or cough.

Person-to-person transmission often occurs when an individual who has a cold blows or touches their nose and then touches someone or something else. A cold virus can live on frequently touched objects such as doorknobs, pens, books, cell phones, computer keyboards and coffee cups

Home remedies

HealthLine suggested these following tips:

• Make yourself a Chicken soup.

• A few slices of raw ginger root in boiling water may help soothe a cough or sore throat.

• Try drinking honey in tea with lemon, it is trusted to ease a sore throat.

• Adding a garlic supplement to your diet might reduce the severity of cold symptoms.

• Rinsing your mouth with salt water may help prevent upper respiratory infections.

THE RECORD asked residents to share a few tips on how they stay healthy during the cold winter months.

KONRAD MULLER: “For people to be healthy and free from the flu, they should refrain from using heaters. This creates a difference in body temperature, as a result causing them to catch a cold.”
MORREN BANDA: “One remedy which has worked for me for all these years is to take a cold shower. This helps improve a person’s immune system and keeps them looking younger.”
BRUCE SMITH: “A healthy balanced diet and exercising regularly is the best remedy.”

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