We Asked People With Food Allergies The Stupidest/Least Helpful Things They’ve Ever Been Told By Restaurant Staff (11 Responses)

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Ever met with blatant unhelpfulness from a restaurant when asking about food allergies? You’re not alone.

If you happen to have severe food allergies that could either kill you or cause your face to morph into a half-clown, half-beach ball monstrosity, finding safe restaurants to eat at is an uphill battle. I went to Reddit (r/FoodAllergies) to ask others about their grievances…I was not disappointed.

1. The question that kicked everything off…

2. I asked a restaurant to hold the avocado off my plate as I’m allergic and specified so they wouldn’t use the same prep surface that they used for cutting them. They asked me if I would prefer their in-house made guacamole instead.

3. Every food on the menu had dairy products in them so I asked the waiter whether they can make me a chicken with veggies.

4. I’m allergic to shellfish. I once went to a seafood restaurant with a large group of my husband’s family while we were on family vacation.

5. “We can’t guarantee the allergy content of this item.”

6. Not as a customer, but as a bartender trying to accommodate a nightshade allergy in a super fine dining restaurant in a resort town where the beer flows like wine…

7. For expensive restaurants, I call ahead and ask to speak directly to the chef before booking a reservation.

8. Asked if white sauce had egg…Guy told me it had no “dairy”

9. Once I asked what was in the restaurant’s special sauce…

10. I said no shrimp please coz i am very allergic. I then received my food with THE shrimp.

11. The owner/chef instructed our waitress to tell us “everything has peanuts in it”

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