YouTube Ads are killing my user experience on the platform

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Unskippable ads make YouTube Ad-hell

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YouTube has been a great deal to me since the time I started using the platform. The platform offers almost anything you want, ranging from music, documentaries, and even YouTube can be used to rent movies these days.

However, just when the platform has amassed serious viewership, Ads have also taken over the platform. I acknowledge ads are not bad as hosting videos isn’t cheap, and even part of the revenue goes to the services offered and creators on the platform.

YouTube, in 2018, announced the creation of more unskippable ads to be implemented on the platform. Since then, unskippable ads have become more practical the platform in hating the YouTube experience. Initially, skipping ads had always worked for me however as of now I’m locked in Ad hell since I often spend most of my time enjoying clips on YouTube.

However, over the past few months, I noticed that the platform has immensely increased the ads on the platform. Unlike in the past, even pausing a youtube video these days there’s more than half percentage chance that the video won’t resume unless an Ad is shown. I have had those ‘damn it’ moments having to skip the same ad repeatedly. I mean why YouTube would still show an ad you skipped like ten times.

Inserting YouTube Ads after each video and even between the videos is killing the user experience. Some creators have also added more than even ten ads in a video! However, let it not be seen that I am complaining too much. Despite the existence of YouTube’s free ad platform- YouTube Red, I feel like the free YouTube version should not be filled with ads hurting the user experience. YouTube Red, the ad-free version goes at a cost though, – $10 per month. However, even though I hate YouTube Ads, I will not ever pay $10 a month for YouTube Red.

I am not a supporter of mods because services have to be paid for but still why not try a mod that can tackle the ads. The tech industry never sleeps, and that is why there is already a couple of mods created that can offer an Ad-free experience on the platform. A perfect YouTube mod for ad-free experience is GenYouTube. Just go for it already.

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